Stage 2


These stage 2 students creatively explored issues of “European Settlement” by using the green screen and drama to embody the world and times of European settlement. Imagine what the nightly news item would be in our newly formed 18th Century colony …… well these students did!

English Outcomes Addressed

Speaking and Listening 1 EN2­-1A
A student communicates in a range of informal and formal contexts by adopting a range of roles in group, classroom, school and community contexts

Writing and Representing 1 EN2-­2A
A student plans, composes and reviews a range of texts that are more demanding in terms of topic, audience and language

Speaking and Listening 2 EN2-­6B
A student identifies the effect of purpose and audience on spoken texts, distinguishes between different forms of English and identifies organisational patterns and features

Writing and Representing 2 EN2-­7B
A student identifies and uses language forms and features in their own writing appropriate to a range of purposes, audiences and contexts

Thinking imaginatively, creatively and interpretively EN2­-10C
A student thinks imaginatively, creatively and interpretively about information, ideas and texts when responding to and composing texts

Expressing Themselves EN2­-11D
A student responds to and composes a range of texts that express viewpoints of the world similar to and different from their own

Reflecting on Learning EN2-­12E
A student recognises and uses an increasing range of strategies to reflect on their own and others’ learning

Literacy Development

Students develop an informative and imaginative text, highlighting their knowledge of Convict Australia.

English Outcomes addressed:

Critical & Creative Thinking Key Idea

Identifying, clarifying and analysing relevant information.

Collecting, comparing and categorising facts and opinions.

Expanding on known ideas

Exploring situations using creative thinking strategies

Reflecting on thinking

Explaining and justifying ideas

Information & Communication Technology Key Idea

Investigating with ICT

Creating with ICT independently and collaboratively

Communicating with ICT

Managing and Operating ICT

Links to other KLAs

History: First Contact

Creative Arts: Drama

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