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Ninja Warrior

An interactive workshop from the comfort of your own home!

Overview: This action-packed training program includes children making their own obstacle course to bring out their inner ‘Ninja Warrior’.

This class will get your child working to their athletic capabilities, using similar exercises that you would find on your favourite television show. We focus on building strength, cardio endurance, confidence and athletic skills, for your child to become a true ‘Ninja Warrior’

For Ages: 5-12yrs

We encourage children to make their own obstacle course using household objects, either indoors or in the backyard. You can get creative by using any of the below:
• Hula hoops can make great markers for jumping or agility obstacles
• A simple board can make a quick balancing beam
• Hay bales or couch cushions can make a fun jumping obstacle
• Small sport cones can outline the obstacle course or be obstacles themselves

Other resources from around the house could be:
• Bounce Ball
• Pogo Stick
• Ribbons
• Any inflatable like a pop up tunnel
• Chairs

Note: that the obstacle course is set up preferably in an empty space to avoid injuries, wear comfortable clothing and keep a bottle of water besides you

Here are some examples for inspiration…

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