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StarTime StarChart

The StarChart is a tool used to reward good behaviour and positively reinforce the StarTime Values. It is an excellent way of also tracking progress and highlighting children who need extra encouragement.

Children are awarded a red stamp (50 points) whenever a StarCoach witnesses positive behaviour or significant improvement in class wo. Points are accumulated over the workshop and are tallied before the presentation.

  • This is a daily system used to underline student’s strengths and as incentive for displaying the StarTime Behaviours in the workshop.
  • Coaches utilise the Star Chart, which is displayed in a highly visible position for students, coaches and parents to easily see.
  • Stars can be issued to students who display any of the StarTime Behaviours at any point during the workshop: Spirit, teamwork, professionalism, adaptability, safety, commitment, listening skills
  • The students who display these behaviours the most at the end of each day will receive the Oscar Award (Only one for each group). You can nominate others who get 2 stars for being nominated.
  • Remember to look at The Star Chart regularly to make sure students are being noticed. Use the Star System as an incentive and to provide feedback to parents.
  • All children must be given at least one star during the workshop.


  • What are the students getting the stars for specifically?
  • Is anyone being missed? Why? And how can we work on them?
  • Raise a child up if they are lacking in confidence however, keep in mind that some kids need to hang back until they feel comfortable and then they can fly. Don’t push too hard or too soon with some.