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Unleash Your Child’s Creativity

At StarTime, we embrace each child’s uniqueness. Our diverse programs cater to individual interests and learning styles, offering interactive, fun, and educational experiences.
an image of a child behind a colorful background
an image of a child behind a colorful background
an image of a child behind a colorful background
an image of a child behind a colorful background
an image of a child behind a colorful background
an image of a child behind a colorful background
an image of a child behind a colorful background
an image of a child behind a colorful background
an image of a child behind a colorful background
an image of a child behind a colorful background
an image of a child behind a colorful background
an image of a child behind a colorful background

Our Popular Workshops

Unleash Creativity, Inspire Learning

Live to Sing & Dance

Get ready to shine on stage with our Live to Sing & Dance workshop! Whether your a budding superstar or just starting your artistic journey, this workshop is the perfect place to nurture your confidence, coordination, singing, and dancing skills.

an image of children playing a lab wearing lab coats

Mad Scientist

Become a “MAD Scientist” and explore the wonders of science! Dress up, experiment, and discover new ways to change the world. There will be plenty of new experiments to extend your knowledge of how elements interact, like making stress balls with slime and rainbow plate using skittles.

an image of child wearing a magician dress

Masters of Illusions

Fascinated by mystic arts’ mystery and drama? Master the art of illusion and intrigue, captivating any audience with skillful trickery.

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DJing and Music Producing

Join our DJing & Music Producing workshop for 9-12-year-old music lovers! Learn song crafting, beat making, and Garageband basics. Let’s create musical magic together!

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Game Busters

Welcome to Game Busters, the ultimate workshop where kids unleash their competitive spirit and have a blast! In this action-packed event, teams of enthusiastic children go head-to-head in a series of traditional games that have stood the test of time.

an vfx image of a child near a lightning ball for the fun physics workshop

Fun Physics

Take everyday items and transform them into experiments of physics. Illustrating how gravity, friction, static electricity, kinetic energy, force, motion and magnetism interact.

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Creative Sports

In this workshop, we’ll spice up traditional sports like soccer, cricket, and netball, adding exciting twists. Teams will face physical challenge courses, relying on strategy, communication, and encouragement for success.

an image of a child making a cake for skillfull sweets cake decorating class

Cup Cake Decorating

Pipe like a pro and turn your humble cake into a fancy piece of gourmet art. Make your own piping bags, learn how to make the best buttercream frosting for decorating, master decorating techniques and share your ideas with other likeminded creative cooks.

an image of a child eating a marshmellow

Edible Science

Science can blow our minds, deceive our eyes, and now…. Tantalise our tastebuds? Explore chemical reactions and different kinds of energy with these fun edible experiments. Who knew learning could be so tasty!

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Stop Motion Animation

Learn how to create a simple stop motion animation film using plasticine. Using your knowledge on frame rates, bring your characters to life, and learn how to add character voices and sound effects. While working in teams you will take on various production roles including, producer, set designer, director of photography, foley artist, voice over artist and more…

an image of a child wearing a tshirt made by himself at designer for a day event from startime

Designer for a Day

Unleash your inner fashion designer! Learn design fundamentals, craft a unique T-shirt, and collaborate with fellow creators. Dive into graphic design and marketing basics to develop your brand identity. Finish the day with an exhibition, presentation, and fashion parade for family and friends as you present them with your fresh fashion creations!

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Spheros Robotics

Learn the basics of robotics, form your team and show off your newfound mastery in StarTime’s Sphero Olympics – a series of high octane events demanding quick wits, speed and skill!

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Variety Day

Unleash your creativity during a day filled with science, technology, plus fun and creative sports activities!

an image of a child behind a minecraft house

Building Battles with Minecraft

A series of creative challenges to build unique structures in Minecraft taking inspiration from well known landmarks around the world.

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Forensic Frenzy Detective

Detectives, gather round! We’ve got a case to solve. Learn how to crack codes, solve puzzles and follow clues as we set out in teams to solve the mystery.

an image of a child recording a video of another child


Unleash your inner cartoonist and embark on a creative journey like no other!

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Lights Camera Education

Through practical, hands-on exercises, students learn the fundamental techniques behind creating professional looking presenter-led video reports (or micro-documentaries).

an image of a child recording a video

Silent Filmmaking

Experience silent filmmaking’s enchantment with StarTime’s incursion challenge, guiding students to explore storytelling through movement, camera work, and sound design, fostering creativity and teamwork, leading to an exhilarating mini-film festival to showcase their works!

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TVC – Exploring Persuasive Language

Guided by experts students explore persuasive language through TV commercial scripts, crafting compelling ads to sharpen persuasion and creativity, culminating a showing of their commercials by the end of the incursion.

Stop Motion Animation

Introduce grades 1-8 to a 1-day Stop Motion Animation incursion that combines creative literacy with technical skills through crafting unique stop motion stories, aligned with digital technology standards. Students will collaborate in small crews, learning through hands-on tutorials and creating a 30-second animated short, enhancing understanding of film-making techniques, story structure, and critical soft skills.

TV Journalism

Engage grades 5-11 with a 1-day TV Journalism incursion that enhances creative thinking and practical skills through producing TV reports, inspired by professional standards and linked to core curricula.

TVC – Exploring Persuasive Language

Engage students in grades 5-11 with our 1-day TVC – Exploring Persuasive Language incursion. They’ll create compelling TV commercials using persuasive language, green screen technology, and on-camera presentation techniques in a collaborative, interactive environment.

an image of young boy in school uniform flying through space

Science and Space TV Commercial Filmmaking

Invite primary or secondary students to our Science and Space TV Commercial Filmmaking incursion. They’ll use persuasive language and media production skills to create a real estate-style commercial promoting a planet, integrating English, Science, and Technology learning outcomes in a fun, interactive day.

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Illuminated art

Embark on a 6-week Illuminated Art incursion where primary students transform their school into a magical wonderland, creating vibrant art stories through animation, music, and light for a spectacular finale.