Our Mission

At StarTime we believe creativity makes the world a better place. That’s why we’re committed to delivering world-class creative learning to kids, teachers and organisations, right across Australia.

From Performing Arts to Robotics, Filmmaking to Mad Science (and everything in between), our courses have inspired over 45,000 children - teaching them new skills, encouraging teamwork and most importantly, giving kids the confidence to realise they can achieve anything.

Why StarTime

It’s pretty simple when you think about it. We teach creative learning better than anyone.


Extraordinary Coaches

 To be a StarTime Coach you have to be a little bit special; a professor of fun, a doctor in the incredible and a wizard in the wondrous.

Meet our team

Fantastic Courses

We have a range of courses for every creative adventure you could think of.


Focused Learning

Our ratio is one StarTime coach for every 15 children to ensure 100% awesomeness for all.


All our teachers have their ‘Working With Children’s Check’.

Our Values

Who needs the seven seas when you can have four.


Because a little bit of imagination solves everything


To Inspire the next generation of creative leaders


Teamwork makes the dreamwork


To take care of yourselves and others


Jo Moss

As a child, I was painfully shy. At the age of six I lacked so much confidence I couldn’t even approach the canteen ladies to buy my lunch. In fact, my Mum was told by the school counsellor that I was so shy that I would probably have a breakdown by the time I left school. They were wrong of course, I have always been very creative and did well in sport, so my confidence grew year-on-year, as I excelled in these fields.

I know first-hand the incredible impact creativity can have on a child’s development. So when Lindsay and I founded StarTime (before I became a mother), I remember the tingles up my spine and the tears it would bring to my eyes to see StarTime kids on stage, so proud of themselves as they embraced their moment to shine.

I love what we do. By giving young people ‘life skills’ and encouraging kids to believe in themselves, we ignite creativity and contribute to a happier and healthier youth.