Privacy Policy

StarTime Studios Privacy and Fair Information Practices Policy

Privacy Policy Summary

We offer this summary to encourage parents to read and understand our Privacy Policy.

StarTime Studios works hard to earn and keep the trust of the parents, young people, schools and all the other organisations and people we work with. We take this trust very seriously and understand that families, in particular, are concerned about privacy and especially about the privacy of their children online. StarTime Studios, its staff, contractors, and others who help us operate our Website follow this policy on privacy and fair information practices. StarTime always meets or exceeds the requirements of the Australian Government’s National Privacy Principles Act, 2000.

StarTime Studios only shares an adult’s personal information with a third party for such third parties’ direct marketing purposes as set forth in this Privacy Policy. You can direct us, at any time, not to continue sharing information with such third parties by sending an e-mail to [email protected]

1.Trust, Notice and Security
StarTime Studios fully discloses our policy about the collection, maintenance, use, disclosure, and security of personal information obtained from users of our online activities. By personal information, we mean a name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, or any other information that can be used to contact an individual.

2. Parental Involvement and Consent
Parental involvement in StarTime Studios activities is a cornerstone of our approach and we require prior parental consent for any young person being involved in any StarTime activity.

3. Use and Disclosure Limitations
StarTime Studios uses personal information about its Website users only in defined and responsible ways. We do not share user information with third parties except when we have told users about the disclosures, when we have prior consent, or when required by law.

4. Information Collection
StarTime Studios fully explains its information collection practices. We do not collect personal information from children. We tell adults when information is required and when it is optional. All data collected is only used for the efficient administration of StarTime Studios and the marketing of our programs other services.

5. Access to and Correction of Personal Information
StarTime Studios is committed to maintaining accurate, timely, relevant, and appropriate information about our users. If you would like to amend any information we may hold in our records, please email [email protected]

6. Questions
StarTime Studios pledges to work with users to answer any questions about our privacy and fair information practices policy or our implementation of the policy. Please contact [email protected] for more information or assistance.

7. Technical and Other Matters: Cookies, Web Logs, and Advertisers
StarTime Studios discloses the defined and limited way that our Website uses cookies, Web logs, and advertising.

On the Internet, a cookie is a piece of information that a Website transfers to a user’s computer for record-keeping purposes. As a user moves from page to page at our Website, a cookie is the only way that we have of knowing who you are. An activity on one page may depend on what you selected on a previous page. We use a cookie to keep track of your selection. Without cookies, users may be asked to provide the same information repeatedly. Some activities may not function at all.

The use of cookies is common on the Internet. Most major Websites use cookies. StarTime Studios uses cookies only when appropriate. We never use cookies to retrieve information from your computer that was not originally sent in a cookie from us. We never use information transferred through cookies for marketing purposes. We never share cookies information with any third parties for marketing or other purposes.
You can control cookies from your end through Internet browsers (like Netscape and Explorer) or using other software. Most browsers are initially set to accept cookies. If you prefer, you can set your browser to alert you when cookies are in use. You may also disable or refuse cookies. You can also erase a cookie that has been placed on your computer by us or by others. If you do not allow cookies to be used in the traditional way, it is possible that some parts of the StarTime Studios Website may not function as we designed them. It is your choice.

Web Logs
StarTime Studios maintains standard Web logs that record basic information about visitors to our Website. These logs contain, for example:
• The Internet domain from which you access StarTime Studios (e.g.,, or and the address of the Website you linked here from.
• Your IP address. An IP address is automatically assigned when you log onto the Internet. Static IP addresses may be personally identifiable in some instances. Dynamic addresses are usually not personally identifiable.
• The type of browser (e.g., Internet Explorer or Netscape) and operating system (e.g., Windows 98) you use.
• The date and time you visited StarTime Studios’ website, and the pages you saw.
We use Web log information to design our Website, identify popular features, and in similar ways. We do not try to identify individuals from Web logs or to link Web logs to other user information. However, if someone tries to damage our Website or use it in an unauthorized or illegal way, we may share Web log information with law enforcement agencies.

Ads on StarTime Studios (e.g. interactive banners) Website may allow a user to click through to a Website maintained by an advertiser. StarTime Studios makes reasonable efforts to ensure that only advertisements suitable for children will appear on our Website. Advertiser Websites are not controlled by StarTime Studios. Advertisers may have different privacy policies, which we encourage you to review. When you click through to advertisers’ Websites, you may get cookies directly from them or from the entity that serves the ads. StarTime Studios does not see or use these cookies, and we do not control how other sites use cookies.

If a StarTime Studios’ advertiser wants to send you an E-mail and if you have not objected to receiving promotions, we may send the E-mail messages on behalf of an advertiser or business partner of ours. We do not disclose your information to the advertiser. If you leave our Website by responding directly to an advertiser and then provide personal information, then the advertiser may use that information in accordance with its own policy. StarTime Studios only does business with responsible companies, but we cannot control the way that someone else uses information that you disclose directly to them.
If you think that any sponsors, advertisers, or links on our Website are inappropriate, please contact us at: [email protected]

Other Communications
StarTime Studios will send requested communications including newsletters and informational updates through email and occasionally via postal mail to our registered customers who opt-in for this correspondence. If you no longer wish to receive communications from StarTime Studios you will have the ability to remove yourself from the mailing list at the end of every email you receive or you can opt-out of receiving all email or selected email by sending an email to [email protected]