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StarTime Live is embarking on an exciting new venture to create online content that both educates and entertains. We’re thrilled to announce our first project, “Kids React To The Silent Era!” As part of our commitment to teaching filmmaking, we’re diving back to the origins of cinema. Our presenter will guide a group of talented kids through iconic scenes from the silent film era, featuring legends like Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton. We aim to capture authentic reactions from the children, whether they are fans of the genre or new to the silent classics.

We are looking to cast 4 to 6 children who are comfortable expressing their genuine opinions on camera. No prior knowledge of silent films is required—we welcome fans of Charlie Chaplin, newcomers, and everyone in between!

Date & Location: Shooting will take place on either Sunday 28th April or Sunday 5th May at our studio located at 2 Liverpool Lane, Darlinghurst

Children will be asked about their existing knowledge of silent films and then view a series of classic clips. Their reactions and comments during and after the clips will be filmed for distribution on our YouTube channel and social media platforms.

The session will last approximately 3 hours. We’ll start with fun warm-up games, followed by filming in pairs. Each session will last about 30 minutes. Our team, including presenter Matt, a camera operator, producer, and an experienced StarTime coach, will ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for all. Parents are welcome to stay in the waiting area, or simply drop off and pick up.

We need children who are confident and can freely share their uncensored views on the films shown. We value a range of personalities to enrich our content.

This project is just the beginning! StarTime Live plans to produce a variety of content, including reaction videos, tutorials, reviews, and more on subjects like filmmaking, LEGO, music, and cooking. Participants may have the opportunity to engage in future projects, potentially as subject matter experts or even presenters.

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If you have a child interested we’d love to hear from you. Please fill in the form and we’ll then phone you and arrange a brief Zoom meeting with your child to ask a few questions and show a short video. Afterward, we’ll contact you if your child fits our project, or keep them in mind for future opportunities.
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