New approach to tackle cyberbullying pandemic

New approach to tackle cyberbullying pandemic

Online safety is a massive concern for parents, especially with rates of teen suicide continuing to

The rise of social media has set our kids the unique challenge of safely navigating a space whose
permanence, ease of access and ever-present strong-hold in their lives can have profound and
potentially deadly impacts on mental health, self-esteem and wellbeing.

It’s time to reclaim the power of mobile devices as tools of change.

StarTime’s Co-Founder, Lindsay Moss, sat down with Tod Johnston’s The Nightshift, to talk about the devastating impact of cyberbullying on our youth, how parents can be engaged in the fight for a safer online world and StarTime’s partnership with REELise; a not-for-profit aiming to amplify youth voice to drive positive change.

The increasing digitisation of the modern age has necessitated the careful management of online
brand and personal identity like never before.

It is our job to arm them with the tools to confidently raise their voice and carve a more positive

Filmmaking provides young people with the tools to document their ideas and inspire change on
the issues of most importance to them; allowing our kids both a creative outlet and an opportunity to populate their online world with positive content.

This empowers not only the individual but their peers, community and loved ones by prompting
open discussion on critical issues.

The truth is, the online space is constantly evolving and our young people are at the coalface of it. As so-called digital natives, they have a unique understanding of the interplay of issues that effect them; issues that older generations never had to face.

As parents, educators and community members; the best thing we can do is offer our young
people the support and tools to empower them to share their voice; and actively listen to what
they have to say.

Filmmaking is an integrated vehicle of creative expression, information sharing and
empowerment. By reframing digital media as a tool for positive change; we allow kids the power
to direct their narrative, control their personal brand and share their story.

StarTime are thrilled to be partnering with REELise on their ‘REEL Change’ project; providing
virtual “filmmaking for a cause” workshops targeted toward at-risk Australian youth, an online
education platform, virtual film festivals and a youth-led national think tank.

Watch this space for more information and how you can get involved!