1-day filmmaking incursion

StarTime’s filmmaking and green screen workshops have dazzled students all over Australia.

With a strong focus on creativity, teamwork and literacy skills, students gain a greater understanding of filmmaking techniques in a hands-on, creative and collaborative session!

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Lights, Camera, Education!

“The students loved it, and some were able to shine, where normally their light is hidden. The English teacher involved took the idea to his HoD independently of me to ask if it could run again.”

Marta CassidyHead of Science (SCOTCH COLLEGE)

Skills covered


thinking in imaginative, creative, interpretive and critical ways

“StarTime has created the workshops to focus on outcomes C, D and E”

Jo MossPrinciple

Following the experience, students have found it easier to express themselves and their relationships with others and their world.

StarTime’s framework has been perfected in schools around Australia. It is tailored to the audience, so it’s always fun, engaging and worthwhile regardless of the students’ age. Please note that different versions are available for all years, from k to 12.

The day is designed to improve literacy skills in students. Whether its’ drama, speaking and listening, reading and viewing, writing and representing or audience consideration. It works across a range of core curriculum subjects. Teachers can choose from; English, Science, Technology, History, PDHPE, Geography, Creative & Performing Arts.


The approach is highly engaging, hands-on, and collaborative

“StarTime has created the workshops to focus on outcomes C, D and E”

Jo MossPrinciple

It strongly focuses on teamwork. Students work in groups of 4 or 5 and produce a film they can share with family and friends. They will incorporate different shots, camera angles, overlaying music or images, and integrate iPad apps for effect. The incursion increases multimedia skills and provides a greater understanding of various filmmaking techniques and their effects.

All through this incursion is for one day, we can customise it for schools that need support producing films for a film festival—interested in Multi-day incursions? Click here

There is minimal preparation required for class teachers. StarTime can provide pre-written scripts, so it’s plug-and-play. However, you may want your students to write their own script. In this case, StarTime will provide script templates for students to write scripts before the incursion.

ST Years-9-and-10

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K – 1, 2 – 3, 4 – 5, 6 – 7


English,  Science,  Technology,  History,  PDHPE,  Geography,  Creative & Performing Arts

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