Progress: Slow and Steady

Progress: Slow and Steady

Ah, progress.

At the moment it might seem as if the only progress we’re making is in a irrefutably negative direction (oh hello, tripling COVID cases).

It’s fair to say that while strict limitation on what we can do each day is a wonderful catalyst for creating and maintaining a solid routine, it also lends itself to the distinct sense of being suspended in time.

It’s natural to feel somewhat stifled by the monotony of lockdown routine. I for one, certainly haven’t enjoyed the blurry passage of time as each day blends together. It’s all too easy to let our minds numb and our itchy fingers frustrate us into the conviction that we’re achieving nothing of merit; that we’re going nowhere.

That we’re stuck and starving for progress.

Rooting ourselves in a progress-focused mentality that necessitates a constant scrambling for forward momentum has become a compensatory mechanism for the lack of control we feel over our personal trajectory in a landscape marked by tides of uncertainty. Currently social media is awash with messages to use your lockdown time wisely; to get Fitter! Smarter! Craftier! Catch up on any and all worthwhile media from the last, say, 5 years? There is a borderline toxic positivity motivating us to latch onto the future by kicking ourselves into hyperdrive now.

It is this rush to achieve that can make us blind to perhaps the most obvious source of solace; to look at were we’ve been. As the saying goes; Rome wasn’t built in a day (or a week, or a month…of lockdown) and change is rarely made overnight. We can find comfort in the purposeful retracing of steps. After all there is something to be said for slow, committed and sustainable progress.

At StarTime; as both a business and individuals, the constraints of the pandemic and its impact on the available modes of delivery for our programs has been incredibly challenging and at times, overwhelming. We’ve had to work consistently and consciously to pivot our offering to provide creative edutainment of the highest quality to kids in an uncertain and ever-changing landscape.

The clips included showcase the difference between our first-ever and one of our most-recent StarTime LiVE programs. We can definitively say that the increase in quality, clarity, content and energy didn’t happen in any single super-nova explosion of StarTime fervour. They are the sum of tiny improvements over 6 incredible seasons; technical tweaks, fleeting bright ideas by fresh eyes, long hours of hard work and the overwhelming passion to provide the best possible programs to incredibly talented and deserving children around the country.

We are proud of each and every step along the way. We’re not embarrassed of the first clip, in the same vein that we refuse to sit on our laurels and coast on the merit of the product we have now. Both the learnings already-acquired and yet-to-come are invaluable, and we hope to open our hearts and minds to each new step in our journey.

We will continue to set our sights on future greatness and continual progress; through the fond lens of where we started.

Remember: be kind to yourselves. Remind yourself where you’ve been so you can visualise the peak you’ve climbed to stand where you are now.