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Music Making with Garageband

An interactive workshop from the comfort of your own home!

Overview:  Have a tune in your head or a song on the tip of your tongue? Then grab an iPad and learn how to write and record your own short music track. Maybe you want to make an original or copy some beats and rhythms of a well known song? In the StarTimeLIVE Music Making session, you can bring your own creative flair to song-making. Our StarTime host will give you some simple beats and then you can choose what sounds and instruments you’d like to compose with. Compose some words to your song or just hum a melody – whatever your level, you’ll a have so much fun making music with Garageband!

For Ages: 5-12 years

  • iPad preferable (iPhone can also be used)
  • Garageband loaded onto your iPad  (App price: FREE)
  • Zoom App downloaded onto either a laptop or mobile device (a separate device to the one you’re using with Garageband loaded onto it)

*Please ensure to update your device to the latest software

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